Sketches Cafe, Bar & Restaurant, Burwood, Vic

Mum and Dad wanted to go out for breakfast after Matty’s soccer so I asked to join them.   Soccer was in Doncaster so I looked in the Entertainment Book for somewhere suitable and found Sketches. 

It turned out to be a small cafe in a strip shopping centre on Burwood Highway.  The main part of the cafe is very small and filled with dark furniture which makes it feel even smaller.  We were offered a table in the Atrium out the back and decided to sit there.  It turned out to be in a nice courtyard.  The sun was shining in and warming us nicely so the outdoor heater had to be turned off as more people came in.

Service was quite slow but it looked like there was only one waitress.  I had to go and ask to place our order.  Drinks took forever to arrive.  We heard some people at a nearby table ask when their coffees would be brought out and mentioned they had ordered them an hour ago. 

Mum and Dad ordered the big breakfast which consisted of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomato and hash browns on sourdough toast.  They had run out of hash browns which didn’t bother them.  Mum asked for her eggs to be scrambled and didn’t want the mushrooms.  When it arrived her eggs were poached and the mushrooms were on there.  The waitress was a little rude about it.

I ordered the breakfast bruschetta which apparently is one of the most popular dishes on the brunch menu (they serve brunch until 3.30pm).  It was absolutley delicious and left a beautiful aftertaste in my mouth.

  It had garlic-rubbed sourdough toast, poached eggs, tomato, basil, balsamic glaze, extra virgin olive oil, wild rocket and parmesan.


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