Gorgeous sunny day in Melbourne – May 31st

Today my work held a Client Expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre, next to the Exhibition Centre (aka Jeff’s Shed after former premier Jeff Kennett) in Melbourne’s CBD.

I volunteered to get there at 7am to help set up.  It was my way of avoiding the masses of traffic that commute to the city every weekday.  By the time I got there the sun was beginning to rise.  It was a cold, crisp morning and I couldn’t help admiring the quiet as the city was waking up.  I stopped to take a few photos.

Lately it has been very grey in Melbourne as it can be at this time of year but today was spectacular.  Brilliant blue skies.  For someone who hates winter (or the ‘W’ word as I normally call it) today was very cheering for the soul. No SAD for me today.

I was able to go out and take some more photos later. I then took some more when we were out looking for somewhere to buy some lunch.   That was another story.  A few of us went to a cafe next to the Convention Centre but we didn’t like the food.  Their breakfasts looked amazing but lunch looked very average.  Not to mention expensive.  We spent probably 15 mins searching for somewhere they sold nice takeaway.  It was farcical.  Eventually I left my two friends and tried DFO South Wharf.  I ended up finding a cafe in the Basement.  By this time I was worried I was going to be late to listen to one of the talks we were putting on for clients.  Sure enough I was late so had to put my lunch away and eat it later. 

Overall it was a great day.  Made so much better by the fact that it was in the city and I could admire the gorgeous weather and take lots of photos. 

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