Long weekend on the Gold Coast – July 27th 2012


I flew to the Gold Coast, Qld for a long weekend last Friday.  I was going to stay with Carol and her children Bec and Brad.  We met on the coach tour in New Zealand in January and have kept in touch since.  I was also going up there to watch the Swans play the Gold Coast Suns, a team I’ve never watched before.

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The flight was nice and smooth and arrived on time.  Carol met me and we drove to her house.  Apparently I had just missed the Swans’ players arriving at the airport.  What a shame! I would have loved to see them and had the chance to have my photo taken with the players or just take photos of them.  For dinner we went to Sizzler at Mermaid Beach.  Sizzler was a chain of restaurants that used to be in Melbourne around 20 years ago.  They were one of the first to offer a buffet of salads, pasta and desserts.  Their food was just as I remembered it, including the cheesy toast.  You can also order off the menu but we all chose the salad bar.  Brad made his own soft drink. It had a mixture of all the soft drinks from the self-serve drink machines.  Funnily enough it looked like coke even though there wasn’t much coke in there.   I was very happy to have eaten there again.

On Saturday morning we drove to The Spit which has awesome views looking back to Surfers Paradise and its tall buildings.  There were a few people fishing off the rocks.  Carol pointed out a group of swimmers and explained they swim across to South Stradbroke Island to surf.  They then have to swim back. It looks risky because there are a lot of boats driving up and down the waterway.  The surf looked pretty good though so I’d say it’s worth it.

From there we drove to Surfers Paradise.  We walked to Cavill Avenue.  They are in the process of redeveloping the streetscape of the mall so it will look even better when it opens.  I was a little disappointed by the mall.  There were so many junk food chains there.  We found a shop called Gelatissimo which sold gelati ice cream.  There were so many flavours to choose from.  I chose two scoops – Tangy lemon and a chocolate one.  They were both really nice but I couldn’t eat that much ice cream.

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