Archive | August 1, 2012

Gold Coast wheel….spectacular views 60m above ground

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I saw the wheel when we were taking the scenic route from Sizzler back to Carol’s house.   I wanted to go on it because I’ve been on the Brisbane wheel and know how good the views are from up that high.

We were walking along Cavill Avenue when Carol pointed it out.  We decided to head towards it.  I was looking forward to seeing the view from 60m above ground.  It took a while to find it because the directions are, well, non-existent.  The wheel sits on top of a building that houses tourist operator’s booking desks.

The cost for adults is only $11 but with my student discount card it only cost $6.50. Bargain!!

From 60m above ground you get a great view of the ocean and the mountains as well as the canals that a lot of the Gold Coast are built on.  We completed seven rotations which allowed me to take a lot of photos and a few videos.