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New Zealand Day 3: Hokitika

Hokitka tiki jade jewellery

From Greymouth we drove 40km south to Hokitka.  Hokitka’s claim to fame is as a producer of jade jewellery.  The local stone is also called Pounamu.  It’s a stone I’ve loved for a long time.  My grandfather’s side of the family were all from New Zealand and on one of his return trips to NZ he bought me a tiki.  He said it was my good luck charm and I still have it to this day.  It holds great sentimental value to me.  I wanted to treat myself to some jade jewellery while I was there.  Unfortunately we were only given one hour to have some lunch.

We parked at the back of one of the jade shops so I quickly went into the shop; intent on buying jewellery before I went anywhere else.  I did a few laps of the large shop before going back to pick out what I wanted.  I gathered up the different pieces I wanted.  I couldn’t find the tiki necklaces so asked one of the staff.  She noticed the sapphire ring I was wearing and started asking me questions about it.  Apparently it was similar to what a colleague of hers was wearing.

After I picked out what I wanted I worked out I could afford all three pieces; 2 necklaces and a set of earrings because the exchange rate between the Australian and NZ dollars works to our advantage. Yay for me.

Having satisfied my need for jade jewellery I began a walk around town.  First stop was the tourist info centre to see what was in the town.  Not that I would be able to see much today but I’d love to come back one day.  I walked in to a cafe to buy a bottle of coke and the friendly man behind the counter asked if I was enjoying my tour.  I chatted with him for a few minutes and when I was leaving wondered how he knew I was on a tour.  Not long after I realised I was wearing my name badge.  It was at that point that I only wore it when I have to.

After a quick lunch at another cafe I hopped back on the bus for the next drive to Fox Glacier.

hokitika jade jewellery

hokitika jade jewellery

hokitika jade jewellery