New Zealand Day 3: Fox Glacier

Our final stop of the day before going to our hotel was Fox Glacier.  It’s not as well known as it’s neighbour Franz Josef Glacier but is more accessible from the road.  A  lot of people hike the 6km from the town of Fox Glacier to the glacier.  We drove through the town through light, misty rain. By the time we got to the glacier the conditions had worsened.  In what I was learning is one of the drawbacks of coach-touring, we were only given 20 mins to walk to the edge of the glacier and back.  As I was the last person off the coach I didn’t have as long to get there so didn’t quite reach the edge.  Visibility was quite poor so the people that did get there said they couldn’t see much. 

Many of the  people on our tour booked in to do the helicopter flight over the glaciers but due to the weather, those flights were cancelled.  Although the forecast for the next day wasn’t much better the flights were tentatively booked for the next morning, even though we were scheduled to leave the town shortly after breakfast.

I was disappointed the weather wasn’t to our advantage as I have seen pictures and tv shows about the glaciers and was really looking forward to seeing them. 



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