New Zealand…day 4 Haast

Haast has some of the most beautiful countryside I’ve seen.  And that’s saying something for New Zealand.  It’s on the west coast with a lot of the area being completely inaccessible.  In fact our tour guide told us that when planes crash (and unfortunately there have been a few) the plane is often never sighted again.  The forest is so dense.  The population of the area is also very low.  Our first stop in Haast was where the ‘gentle’ jet boat cruise was going to start.  Our guide had warned us that Queenstown (where we were going that night) is very popular in Summer so he couldn’t guarantee we would be able to go on the more adventurous jet boat rides.  He suggested we go on this one instead.  I wasn’t interested but a lot of people on our bus were, including some of the older people on the tour because it was considered safer than some of the other similar cruises.

The office of the company is located just off the side of the road and beside the longest single lane bridge in New Zealand.  We didn’t realise it at the time but we were dropping those people off then going to the Haast Visitor Centre then on to pick them up at their destination.

one of the many single-lane bridges in NZ, this one is so long there are bays on the sides where you can allow cars to pass you if you don’t have right of way

area surrounding the Haast Visitor Centre…..this was once just land, now it’s been turned into beautiful wetlands


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