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New Zealand…day 4 Arrowtown


After our short stop at Lake Wanaka which was really just to take photos we headed for Arrowtown.  We made just one more stop at a farm shop.  They have a huge array of fruit and vegies that I believe were grown on the farm.   We all stocked up on them because we hadn’t had access to any fresh fruits and vegies since the tour started.  I bought stone fruit and strawberries.

We arrived in Arrowtown at around 5.15pm and were only given 45 mins to walk around the town.  Our first reaction is that there wasn’t much to see, just the main street.  I’ve since researched the town and realised how big it is and how much there is to do.  I want to go back one day.

The town is an old gold-mining town from and in the 1860’s was a rich source of gold.  The buildings in the main street (the only part of town we really got to see) have been kept intact and transformed into the shops, some of which reflect their heritage.  There is a lolly shop, cafes, an old post office, the Coachman’s Hall and other buildings.  The Remarkable Sweet Shop was my favourite because they sold freshly made fudge.  I discovered a flavour I’d never tried before: Lemon Meringue Pie fudge.  I’d never heard of it but a few fudge experts ie friends have told me that it’s not a new flavour.  Since then I’ve tried it whenever I see it and it’s always delicious.

Unfortunately some of the shops/cafes had already closed.  We were lucky we got to the Sweet Shop when we did because they were about to close but stayed open a little longer.  After a quick lap of the main street I headed back to the coach to continue our drive to Queenstown for the first of our two nights there.  It was our only two night stay so it was going to be great not having to pack up tomorrow to move to our next destination.


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