New Zealand…day 5 – in and around Queenstown

I woke up feeling nice and refreshed, knowing I had the whole day to myself.  I had put my name down to do a day tour but, as I was the only one who wanted to do it, it got cancelled.  My parents have been to Queenstown and told me about some things I could do in and around the town.

After breakfast I caught the bus down the hill into the main area of town.  This is where you find the bars, cafes and tourist attractions.  First stop was the Visitor Centre to book my ticket for the steamship TSS Earnslaw cruise to Walter Peak Farm  The cruise is a 1.5hr return journey to Walter Peak Farm.  The Earnslaw turns 100 in October 2012 and it will hold a week of celebrations in that month.  It is known as ‘the lady on the lake’. It was slightly windy on land which translated into a very windy day on the steamship.  It was nice and sunny though so I really enjoyed the trip to the farm.  The view of the mountains is a lot different to when you see them on land.  When I’m on a boat or ship I love being outdoors.  For one, you get the best photos and you get the whole experience, including the wind blowing through your hair.

I stayed on board once we reached Walter Peak Farm.  There are 3 levels to this cruise.  One is the cruise I did where we just cruise there then come back, the second is where you can get off the ship and walk around and the third is take part in a bbq lunch and a tour of the farm.  I had other things to do so just did the basic cruise.

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