New Zealand day 5…walking around Queenstown

The photo above is one of my favourite photos of my whole tour.

When I got off the TSS Earnslaw I walked around to the Queenstown Gardens.  I started walking along the gravel path on the lake front.  You can see across to the main part of town.  It’s a popular walk; I past a lot of people. The main part of the gardens are higher than the path around the lake.  I walked up to the top and got a surprise.  Whereas the lower path was more rustic, the higher sections are very manicured.  I loved the selection of plants and the sculptures up there.  At the exit I found a metal sculpture of a silver fern.  It was beautiful.


By this time I was getting tired so I walked back to the cafe and bought a hot chocolate then went to bus stop outside the visitor centre.  I had to wait for what seemed like ages for the next bus.  It eventually arrived and I got back to the hotel at around 4pm.  I sat on the bed and looked out the window.   The view was so beautiful.  The water was so blue and contrasted with the dryness of the mountains.  The view was framed beautifully by the window frame.  I had about an hour or a little longer before I had to get ready for our night out.  We were going up to Bob’s Peak to the Skyline restaurant for dinner and to see the Kiwi Haka Show.  I had never seen a Haka before so was really looking forward to it.

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