New Zealand…day 8 – World’s steepest street

Before we left Dunedin we drove to the world’s steepest street.  I think we were all surprised that this street was in New Zealand.  I thought the steepest street was in San Francisco.  One of our group, Fernando, took it as a challenge when Clarke asked us not to attempt to walk/run up to the top.  We were told that many had attempted it but none had completed the return journey in the 15 mins we were going to be there.

Fernando and a couple of his mates attempted it but Fernando was the only one who completed it.  Although I don’t remember how long it took,  he completed it well within the 15 mins we were there.  It took its toll on him though.  He didn’t feel very well for the next few hours.  We were so pleased to be able to say we knew him.


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