New Zealand….day 9 – Mt Cook

Mt Cook is New Zealand’s tallest mountain at 3,754 metres high.  There are actually 23 mountains that are over 3,000 tall and are all on the South Island.

We had stayed in a small town called Omarama (population approx 230) which is the base a lot of fly-fishing and hang gliding due to the favourable winds.  There are quite a few gliding clubs in the area that has head gliding championships in 1995.  I could see some hang gliders in the distance from my room.

On day 9 we left to begin our journey back to Christchurch and the end of our tour.  First stop was a stop to view Mt Cook from quite a distance.   It was very magical and enchanting.  The lake itself we were beside was such a gorgeous shade of blue/green and as we looked up to the horizon, we could see reflections of low mountains in the lake.  The further we looked up to the horizon we could see Mt Cook.  From our distance it didn’t look very tall but later when we drove closer we were able to appreciate its height.  There was some low cloud which covered the snow-capped peaks but as the cloud moved aside it revealed the mountains.

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