Yum Cha…Red Emporer (Southgate, Melbourne)

Today was the day for our biannual yum cha.  My friend Mel and I go to a different venue each time.  We are also on a quest to go to as many restaurants with the word red in it’s name.  Red Emporer ticks both those boxes.   It has also been featured in the 2013 Good Food Guide, given a rating of 14 out of 20.

We arrived at 1.30 for the second sitting of the day to find a long queue.  However we were seated quickly and were able to see the view of the CBD from the middle of the restaurant.  The trolleys quickly started their procession past our tables.  The waitresses seemed to assume we would want everything they were serving but we like to try just one or two dishes at a time.  They would put them on the table then have to take them away.  It quickly became tiresome having to tell them that we didn’t want everything.  We love to drink jasmine tea with yum cha and the waiters were constantly filling our tea pot with hot water, thereby weakening the tea, which got annoying.

We ate ten different dishes and while they were nice there was nothing that really stood out.  Some of the larger pieces of calamari were quite tough.  Most of the dumplings were really nice but not so different to some we had eaten at other restaurants.  We wouldn’t have minded so much except the bill came to $97 for the two of us.  For that price we expected outstanding food.


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