New Zealand….day 14 – Fresh crayfish (lobster)

Nin's Bin

Nin’s Bin is an iconic beachside caravan that serves seriously fresh crayfish.  Caught only hours before, it is served very simply with lemon slices.

Eating here was one of my top priorities on our drive north from Kaikoura.  There are a few similar carvans set up along the coast but Nin’s Bin was the only one I’d seen stories about on travel shows back home.  Even though it was only about 10.30am I still had to stop to eat some crayfish.  I shared it with my Dad who also loves seafood.  Each crayfish has its price on its tail.  We chose a small cray that cost around NZ$38.  The lady cut it in half with a guillotine with one sharp cut and served it very simply on the plate.  We took it outside to sit at a table and enjoy the spectacular scenery while eating it.  It was beautiful.  So tasty and fresh.


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