Archive | October 9, 2012

New Zealand…Day 17 Chocolates, fudge and olive oil

Somewhere along the way I picked up a self-guided food tour brochure.  It featured Makana chocolates, a boutique chocolate maker.  Being a lover of chocolate, although I can go for a long time without eating any, I wanted to go to see some of their chocolates.  They hand make many different varieties including fruit-filled, truffles, nut-filled as well as sugar free.   They also make shortbreads and biscotti.  We all bought some chocolates to take home.  We were hoping we didn’t have to eat them all at once because we wanted to take them home to enjoy them.

Our next stop was the Vines Village, a village that has a cluster of shops such as a Quilter’s Barn, fudge shop, wine market as well as a fudge shop.  I tried some olive oil as well but wasn’t interested in the quilter’s barn.