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New Zealand….Day 19 Iconic views of Wellington

Once we disembarked from the Kaitaki we drove to the centre of town to our apartment hotel.  Wellington has quite a few one way streets which are always disconcerting to out-of-towners not matter what city you visit.  We drove right past our hotel but found it was on the other side of the road so thought we could do a u-turn.  It wasn’t that simple though because of the one way streets.  We ended up on a road that lead to the freeway out of town.  Not a good option because we didn’t know where we would end up.  Auckland probably.  We eventually found a way of driving past our hotel on the right side of the road.  Parking outside, we went to check in only to find out that we should have paid the extra $20 per night to park our car in the underground carpark.  We could safely (ie legally) park our car outside overnight because the restrictions ended in the morning but had to move it the next morning.  However Mum went out early to put more money in the meter which gave us a few hours parking.  Soon after we found out there was a spare space in the carpark so moved the car in there.  We wouldn’t need to use the car while we were there.

After breakfast we walked to the cable car station, which strangely, is in the middle of a shopping arcade.  I would have walked past if Mum hadn’t told me it was there.  It’s only a short ride up to the Kelburn Lookout and Botanic Gardens with a few stops in between.  Once up there you see some iconic views of Wellington.  I took a photo similar to others I have seen in many magazines and tourist brochures.  The scenery is stunning.

Beautiful views of the capital city of New Zealand from the Botanic Gardens.

I sat at the front of the car while we went down the mountan so I could take a photo.