New Zealand….Day 20 Saying goodbye to New Zealand

This was my last day after nearly three weeks in New Zealand.  It was such a shame.  Despite it being the longest holiday I’d been on and the longest time I’d been outside Australia, I could easily have kept travelling.  Not once did I miss home.  I’d loved every place apart from one although I’m sure if I’d had time to explore the city I would have liked it more.  The best way for me to get to know a city is to get out and walk as much as possible.  I wasn’t able to do that in that place so I won’t name it.

view from the balcony of our apartment in the middle of the city

Our flight home wasn’t until the afternoon so we had time in the morning to drive to the top of Mt Victoria on the city’s outskirts.

The Basin Reserve – used as a cricket ground for domestic and international games.

The house on the top of the mountain looks like it is sitting precariously and could fall at any moment.

4 thoughts on “New Zealand….Day 20 Saying goodbye to New Zealand

  1. It is always a sad moment when a holiday comes to an end, packing your bags and heading for home. The good part is reliving the holiday moments every time you look at the photos. I have enjoyed reading about your three weeks in NZ.

  2. I visited New Zealand 2 weeks before the first big quake. Was so shocked when I heard the news. Some of your photo subjects are exactly like mine. The beehive, parliamentary library, (gorgeous building) and the church where some of my relatives were married, Te papa and the house pictured above. I took a photo of it too!!!!! Thanks for giving me the chance to relive my NZ trip.

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