Archive | October 17, 2012

Mali…celebrating Melbourne Zoo’s 150th anniversary

Mali Melbourne Zoo

A few months ago I read that the Melbourne Zoo was going to be celebrating it’s 150th anniversary.  To celebrate the occasion they had enlisted artists to paint or decorate sculptures of Mali, the zoo’s 2 yr old elephant and one of it’s main attractions.  Even baby elephants can be cute.

Fifty sculptures were decorated and placed at different locations around the CBD. Mum and I decided to go and see them but had to wait for a weekend when we were both free.  The first weekend was September 1st.  The challenge was to find all fifty which wasn’t going to be easy considering they were at all points of the city.

On the first day we took the train into the city.  Getting off at Flinders St station we travelled to Federation Square, Birrarung Marr, up Swanston St.  There were a couple of sculptures we couldn’t find so decided we would have to come back next week.  Below are some of my favourites of the day.

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