Mali….Melbourne Zoo (2nd weekend)

Our second weekend looking for sculptures of Mali started the same way the first weekend had started: catching the train in to the city.  This time we got off at Melbourne Central to locate the two we couldn’t find last week.  I discovered they were inside the shopping centre.  From there we walked to Chinatown where we found my favourite Mali: Rusty Mali.  I love this one because it would have taken a lot of time to accumulate the rusty materials.  There were so many different materials.  There were beaters, nuts and bolts, springs and even a tap on the nose.

We walked over to a few hotels that were displaying the sculptures in their forecourts, then over to the Treasury Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens and Parliament House. The weather was a little cooler this weekend and was perfect walking weather.  We walked north, south and east covering around 14kms.

The painting on the two photos above is just amazing.

Close up detail of the design.  This sculpture is called A Pattern of Orange-bellied Parrots. 

More amazing artwork

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