Mali….Melbourne Zoo (3rd weekend)

We only had 7 more Mali sculptures to find but they were at different points in the city so we decided to drive in and see what we could.  Our first stop was Melbourne Zoo to see the two sculptures outside the main entrance.  We then drove the short distance to the Royal Children’s Hospital where there was a sculpture in foyer.  There are many other different sculptures in the new hospital which was only opened earlier this year.  Walking into the hospital feels like walking into a hotel or business lobby.  From my point of view they have taken the fear out of visiting a hospital for children.  We then drove to the Docklands so Mum could see the first two Malis I had seen by myself a month earlier when I’d gone to the footy.

After that we drove and parked outside the Royal Botanic Gardens to see the last few sculptures.  It has been a year or so since I’d last been to the gardens and I was keen to walk through them again.  There were 3 sculptures in the gardens and we found them quite easily. 

Once we found the fiftieth Mali, we felt a great sense of achievement.  When Mum and I set out to find them we didn’t realise it would take this long or that we would walk nearly 30kms over the 3 weekends.  It was also a great way of discovering hidden parts of the city.  You would think that there aren’t many new areas in the CBD but we found the Les Erdi Plaza, built at the end of the old Sandridge rail line which has been transformed into a footbridge after many years of neglect.


4 thoughts on “Mali….Melbourne Zoo (3rd weekend)

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