Bendigo – Girl’s weekend

A few weekends ago my friend Mel and I went to Bendigo for the weekend.  We had been planning a bit of a foodies weekend for what seemed like ages.  Finding accommodation was difficult in that there is so much to choose from.  We both chose a few places then got together to see if we had some in common.  We wanted to stay in a period-style house rather than a hotel or motel.  The house we decided to stay in was a Californian Bungalow – not exactly the period I was looking for but we got a bit sick of looking after a while.  The house was opposite Lake Weeroona and just under 3kms out of town.

After settling in we decided to walk in to town and have a look around.  I’ve been to Bendigo many times.  My Mum’s side of the family has a lot of history here.  We passed some really nice, old homes on the way in.  A few of them we had looked at staying in too.  We also passed a nice restaurant called Quills so decided to go in there and look at their breakfast menu.  We liked it so much we booked it for the next morning.

We had already booked the restaurants for dinner on the 2 nights we would be in town and they turned out to be side-by-side.  They were the Shamrock Hotel and GPO Cafe.  We also walked up View St where we wanted to have a meal but just weren’t sure which one.

On the way back we cut through Rosalind Park.  There are some beautiful displays of tulips at the moment.  Some of the garden beds have mutli-coloured displays but I loved the ones with the purple tulips.

We then got back on to the main street and walked past Lake Weeroona which was beautiful in the afternoon sunlight.

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