Bendigo – Wine Bank on View

Wine Bank on View is a cafe I’d wanted to visit for a long time.  I’d read about it on different websites and it had some excellent reviews as well as a huge variety of wine.  It’s like having a cellar door in the middle of a town, offering wines from a lot of local wineries.

The cafe is only small with walls lined with dozens of bottles of wine.  It has a very cosy atmosphere due to this although as we were the only ones eating breakfast there that day, it was very quiet.  We had to have breakfast because we didn’t need to have lunch the day before and it was one of the places we really wanted to eat in.  It has also been been reviewed in the 2013 Age Good Food Guide.

Their breakfast menu is of a type I hadn’t seen before but I’m sure many restaurants and cafes offer this choice.  You can choose two eggs (cooked the way you want them) with toasted ciabatta and then choose from a range of sides such as tomato, mushrooms, bacon etc.  I chose two poached eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.  It was delicious.  Mel had an omelette with tomato, bacon, onion and basil and it was the largest omelette I’ve ever seen.  We both loved our meals though.  Again there was no thought to what we would have for lunch as there was no way we would need to eat again till dinner.

The building that houses the cafe is an old ANZ bank building, built in 1876.  It’s a lovely old building, typical of 19th century bank buildings.


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