Westgate Park, Melbourne

Westgate Park was developed on unused land in 1985.  The Westgate Bridge (one of Melbourne’s major road arterials) was only completed in 1978.  The land that the park is on used to be an airfield.  I first learned of it when I was googling walks around Melbourne.  Before that I’d occasionally drive across the bridge, oblivous to what was underneath it.

The park is often used for location shoots for crime shows.  Location scouts seem to think it’s the perfect place to dispose a dead body.  I recognised several parts of the park from those shows.

When we arrived it was grey and overcast but slowly the sun broke through the clouds.  It was really nice walking around looking at the locally indigenous plants.  They also collect the seeds and propogate them for the park.  There are numerous bike and walking tracks as well as sculptures placed around the park.  The only thing needed is more seating so you can sit and take in the view.

One of the three sculptures we came across.

I love this view of Melbourne’s skyline.  I used the 200mm lens on my camera for this photo.


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