Kitchen Workshop, Crown Melbourne

A friend recommended the Kitchen Workshop as it has an all-you-can-eat buffet with different stations which feature foods such as salads, seafood, teppanyaki and of course, the dessert station.

The buffet which costs $35.50 includes your choice of 300g of prawns or half a dozen oysters.  My friend and I both chose prawns.  300g of prawns is a huge number  We could easily have left after eating them.  We had to peel and strip them which was really messy but they tasted beautiful.  We then chose from the teppanyaki station although the cook wasn’t keeping an eye on what he was cooking and who he was serving to so we both got someone else’s meals.  Luckily there wasn’t too much in there I didn’t like.

The staff were very efficient.  They kept clearing our plates and even took our wines glasses before we finished.  We would go to one of the food stations, come back and find our table cleared so we had to get more cutlery.  Towards the end they completely cleared the table, took away everything.  The manager heard us complaining so made us sit down again and gave us complimentary wine.  We weren’t going to say no to that.

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