Archive | January 4, 2013

More of Metung


This sculptured boat was on the banks of Lake King, just across the road from where we were staying. It has been cleverly placed on the banks so that if you stand in the right spot it looks like the boat is floating on the water.

The Metung Galley is a great cafe. We stopped off for a cocktail on the way to the hotel for dinner the night before. I spotted a watermelon cocktail on their list earlier in the day so wanted to try that. I love watermelon cocktails. Most of the time they are very refreshing.

Bancroft Bites is a cafe that has been listed in the 2012 Age Good Food Guide. It didn’t disappoint for breakfast. Mum treated me to Eggs Benedict because I hadn’t been able to buy that particular breakfast when we were in New Zealand. It was delicious and worth waiting for.

We were only spending one night in Metung. Our next stop was Lakes Entrance, another great town on the Gippsland Lakes.