Archive | January 8, 2013

Making flavoured yoghurt

raspberry yoghurt

A few years ago I used to buy flavoured Greek yoghurt from a shop in my local shopping centre. Unfortunately they are no longer there but when I came across a recipe for flavoured Greek yoghurt I jumped at the chance to make some. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I’ve now decided to experiment with different flavours using different berries. I can buy fresh berries because it’s summer here.

The one I made last night contains raspberries, honey, whey protein powder and chia seeds and some icing sugar. You simply blend all ingredients except the yoghurt then mix them in with the yoghurt. I don’t know what effect the icing sugar has on it but the flavour is almost exactly the same as the one I used to buy.

Do you flavour your own yoghurt? If you do I’d love to read what combinations you make.