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Word of the week photo challenge: Weather


In March 2010, Victoria went through one of the worst storms we’d ever experienced. Some of the hail stones were the size of golf balls while others were as large as tennis balls. My suburb was one of the worst affected. My car had to be written off by the insurance company due to hundreds of dents caused by the hailstones. It was a mess. It was also a blessing in disguise because I’d been planning to get a new car soon anyway. My suburb almost became the new car capital of Melbourne, there were so many of them around. The photo was taken in the middle of the storm.

My house also suffered damage. The front window got smashed and the hail broke through the skylight in the family room. There was minor flooding in that room. The pergola roof got smashed over my entertaining area. Even now, three years later, I’m still finding little bits of the plastic from that roof. Around thirty roof tiles had to be replaced. It took around six months for everything to be as it was before the storm. A lot of plants in the garden were badly damaged as well.

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