Playful seals and penguins at the Melbourne Zoo


I’m not sure if the seal pool has moved or I’d lost my bearings but it felt like it was in a different place than the last time I went to the zoo. They have built or upgraded the pool but I was disappointed. There is a much bigger underground viewing area where you can watch the acrobatic feats of the seals but up at ground level there’s not much to see. There were three seals. One of them was showing off on the rocks. I would have said he was sunbaking if he was in the sun. They are still very cute to watch though.



Just around the corner were the penguins. For some strange reason they were all huddled behind a bush. They looked so funny. I wondered who or what they were hiding from. It wasn’t cold so I couldn’t see why else they were huddled together. They didn’t move a muscle while we were watching them.


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