Lions and tigers


I’ve often been unlucky when I visit the Melbourne Zoo in that the tigers of all varieties are resting or hiding so I don’t get to see them. I’ve worked out what days not to visit ie really hot days. This time we were lucky to see the lions as well as some of the different tiger breeds.

My favourites were the Sumatran and white tigers. Mainly because they were the ones we were able to see. I love panthers but they were hiding. The white lion just sat on the ledge at the back of his enclosure watching all of us watching him. I’d love to know what they are thinking. Lunch maybe? lol One of the two Sumatran tigers wasn’t too bothered by all of us watching him. I think he just wanted to rest. Every now and then he’d let out a big yawn, shuffle around and lay back down again.



The lions were looking for their lunch. I was a bit worried when one of them looked my way.




It’s great to see the numbers of Sumatran tigers may be on the rise again. They are such a beautiful breed.


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