Waterfront Seafood, Geelong


Looking for somewhere nice for lunch when people have different tastes and there’s so much to choose from. After walking around looking at the various cafe and restaurant menus we ended up at Waterfront Seafood on Eastern Beach Rd. It’s in the retail section of the Edgewater apartmment building, a luxury apartment building overlooking Corio Bay. Mum had been there before and liked it. I really liked their menu and noticed they serve non-seafood dishes as well for those that don’t like seafood. Although I can’t imagine not like seafood.

Mum and I both chose the Salt and Pepper Calamari which once again didn’t have as much pepper as I would have liked. Restaurants don’t seem to serve this dish with much pepper at all these days which is a shame for me. It was served with delicious fries (although I didn’t want to eat all of them) and salad. It was hard to choose what to have so we decided to come back for tea before heading home. That way we could eat two dishes from their menu.


Dinner turned out to be a lot later than planned and we tried these yummy wagyu burgers that we had initially thought of eating for lunch but decided against it. We did have a lot of walking ahead of us after all.

The waitresses were fantastic. One of them was from Melbourne and had a friend who lived in my suburb so we chatted about the area and Geelong. It’s so nice to have friendly waiters and waitresses. It makes the meal more memorable in my opinion. She remembered us when we went back fo dinner which was a nice touch. They meet so many people during their day.

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