Lazy Friday night dinner


Tonight was one of those Friday nights when I couldn’t be bothered cooking or eating. It wasn’t until 7.30 that I thought I’d better get a move on or it would be too late. A quick scan of my fridge showed me I had eggs, goats cheese and plenty of tomatoes. I put those three ingredients into my favourite recipe website. Of the ten recipes that came up there was only one I liked and that was Goats cheese and basil scrambled eggs. (

It was very quick and easy to make. I cooked toast instead of bagels but sourdough bread or muffins would also work well. I grilled the tomatoes rather than roasting them. That’s much quicker for me. Overall the meal was delicious, especially with the basil torn and put on top. The goats cheese gave the eggs a sharp, creamy taste.

I’ll definitely be cooking this again. I can see it becoming a Friday night favourite.


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