Yum Cha time again


Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know how much I look forward to my bi-annual Yum Cha lunch. This time we decided to revisit one we’d been to before and really enjoyed. We have a policy of not revisiting because there are so many restaurants in Melbourne. However we weren’t happy with the prices we have been paying at inner-city restaurants so broke the rule. I don’t think I will do that again. I was disappointed in the service and food.

The restaurant was Shark Fin at Keysborough. The original Shark Fin is located in Chinatown in Melbourne’s CBD and is one of Melbourne’s most popular Chinese restaurants. This time the Keysborough one disappointed us right from the start with the service. The plates, cups and cutlery were dirty so we asked for them to be exchanged. That wasn’t a popular request. We were seated in the corner which was fine but when the ladies came around with their trolleys they went around the corner and served the next table with their backs to us. We had to get their attention and ask them what food they were offering.

The food was quite nice but there wasn’t a great selection which really surprised me. Below is a photo of all the food we ate. We certainly ate enough food and the best part is that the whole meal only cost us $23 each. Eating in the city was getting very expensive.







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