The 30 hour sporting adventure….Saturday April 6. The reason for being in Sydney


Once we got on the shuttle bus to the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) we were able to relax somewhat. Not knowing the terrain between the CBD and the SCG we had originally planned to walk to the ground. When we were on the bus we were extremely glad we didn’t have time because the terrain was very steep and would have taken longer than planned. We were still worried we wouldn’t get to the ground in time to see the Grand Final flag being handed over and raised. All I wanted was to get in the ground. Once inside I knew I would be able to see what I wanted no matter what my vantage point. As luck had it we were able to get in, walk around to the opposite side of the ground and sit down about one minute before the the ceremony started.

After the ceremony the Cup and Flag were paraded around the ground. There were different groups of people who carried it around the ground, representing supporters and other groups. From our seats on level 2 we were able to get some great photos.

Once the game started the Gold Coast made us work for the win. The team kept Gary Ablett quiet which is the key to containing the Gold Coast. The atmosphere in the crowd was so quiet though. When the Gold Coast got a goal it was deathly quiet but when we scored it wasn’t a lot better. I’m used to really noisy crowds in Melbourne.





After the game I went outside the ground to the merchandise van and bought some more merchandise then we queued up to get the shuttle bus back to Central Station. While waiting for the bus I bumped into a friend from work who had also flown up for the day.

We stil had some time to fill in before heading back to the airport so we decided to look for somewhere to have an early dinner. We found an Irish pub called Maloney’s and had a nice meal. After that we caught the train back to the airport and flew home.

It had been a fantastic 30 hours by the time I got home but boy was I tired. I’d been able to see two of my favourite sporting teams win in different footy codes. I will definitely consider flying up to Sydney for the day in future because it’s so easy to do. Not the cheapest day out but definitely fun.

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