Cafe Vue at Heide Museum…Saturday 4th May


My friend and I had planned a bit of a foodie day a while ago. We started at Cafe Vue at Heide in Bulleen and then drove to the Yarra Valley for a chocolate feast (see more about that in a future post).

Shannon Bennett has other Vue restaurants and cafes around Melbourne. Vue de Monde in the Rialto building in Melbourne’s CBD is a 5 star restaurant with a commanding view in what used to be the Observation Deck so you can imagine the view. He is one of the most famous and creative chefs in Australia and has worked with Marco Pierre White.

Cafe Vue sits in the grounds of Heide Museum in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. It is a smallish cafe with huge picture windows that overlook the entrance to the Museum of Modern Art. Theirs is a simple menu that seems to change each month. I think that’s their way of keeping on top of seasonal produce which is one of the things they most want to do. The menu might be simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to choose something. I asked a waitress what the soup was and she said it was a Corn Chowder with Soft Shell Crab served on a bed of Mash potato and a Baguette. That sounded delicious so I ordered that. My friend ordered Rick’s Pulled Pork Steamed Roll with house fries and a Spicy Tomato Sauce. Pulled pork is one of the trendy items on restaurant menus at the moment. My soup was served in the bowl without the corn chowder. The waitress then poured the chowder over the crab and mashed potato. It was quite a spectacle. It was delicious. Unlike some chowders it was quite thin and much easier to eat. The crab was cooked whole and made for something quite different. When the waitress was describing the soup to us she mentioned that if you don’t like whole crustaceans you won’t like this. Well that doesn’t bother me.





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