Melbourne’s Docklands – part 1


The Polly Woodside is an old ship that is open to the public near the Docklands. It seems that every primary school kid will visit on a school excursion at some stage. It’s a favourite attraction amongst Melbournians.


Seafarers Bridge – Built in 2009, it is the newest bridge crossing the Yarra and crosses from the Convention Centre to the Docklands. I like the shapes of arches on this bridge. It has helped open up this part of the Docklands in what was just unused wharves up until around ten years ago.



Up until 10-15 years ago the Docklands area was just wasteland. There were old wharves and warehouses sitting empty. Similarly to Londan and Sydney, the area is being revitalised and becoming a popular area to work, rest and play. Some say there is no sense of community but you can see the attempts to make it a community with the parks and gardens, restaurants and cafes that are popping up everywehere. Some companies are making their head offices in the area as well.




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