Susannah Place, The Rocks, Sydney


Susannah Place is a row of four original terrace houses in the historic Rocks area of Sydney. Dating back to 1844, they show how the early immigrants lived in Sydney. The houses look run down but inside they are meticulously cared for and kept as they were when they when they were built. Unfortunately the museum was closed at the time. I came across a tour group but they had already started so I was unable to join in. It’s one of the few complexes I’ve seen where they have so faithfully restored the homes.





2 thoughts on “Susannah Place, The Rocks, Sydney

  1. I’m always surprised by what I find if I make a different turn to go down one or any of the streets here in the Rocks, but I always forget about this tucked-in area by Susannah Place. Thanks for highlighting this!

    • I like your wording “tucked-in”. That’s a good way to describe it. I set out to find Susannah Place and didn’t realise it wasn’t on a main street. I had to walk down a narrow lane off Gloucester St to get to it.

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