Walking around The Rocks, Sydney


One of my favourite Aussie movies, Starstruck, was filmed at the Harbour View Hotel. It’s (now) a daggy but fun musical movie that launched the careers (some only short-lived) of some actors. For years I’ve wanted to see where the movie was filmed and researched it on the internet before going to Sydney. I knew I had plenty of time to walk around to find it, knowing it was just under the Harbour Bridge. I know that part of Sydney really well because it’s my favourite part, being the history buff I am, so I knew which streets went where.

The Hero of Waterloo is one of Sydney’s most historic and oldest pubs. It was built in 1863 and was a popular drinking spot for the Garrison Troops in those days. It’s famous for the tunnel that is supposed to run from the harbour to the hotel. There are some funny stories of men getting drunk at the hotel and being smuggled on to the ships that were at anchor on the harbour and waking up to find themselves as reluctant sailors on their way to some exotic destination.

The Garrison Church where the troops attended. This is one of my favourite spots in The Rocks. I love the architecture.


The Argyle Cut is one of the most amazing pieces of construction undertaken in Sydney in the 1800’s. Convicts cut through the sandstone and then when transportation ended, qualified stonemasons completed the work. Once completed, it allowed better access to the port facilities from The Rocks. If you didn’t know about the Cut you would walk right through without realising the significance but it was such an engineering feat at the time.



2 thoughts on “Walking around The Rocks, Sydney

  1. On a bit of a pub-crawl in March, I had beer at The Harbour View Hotel pub and at the Hero of Waterloo: great places both, but different atmospheres to down a pint. I agree: the Rocks is historically a fascinating place to wander.

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