Cadman’s Cottage, Sydney


Built in 1816, this little cottage’s claim to fame is that it is the oldest surviving residential (and the third oldest) building in Sydney. It was built as a home for the government coxswain who looked after the government boats and their crews. Since then it has had a number of uses. The cottage is now a museum and the home of the Sydney Harbour National Park Information Centre. It was designed by Francis Greenway, an English architect who was transported to the colony of New South Wales for forgery. His career in NSW was controversial because he was designing buildings while still serving his sentence. This caused quite an uproar amongst the elite in the colony.

I had heard about the cottage from my interest in Australian history over many years but thought it was hard to find. This time when I went to Sydney I decided to find it and realised it was just off George St in The Rocks.




The following photos show the timeline of Sydney’s history.





2 thoughts on “Cadman’s Cottage, Sydney

    • Yes there is a bit of a museum. There’s not much to see though. The downstairs room has been gutted (although it may have been like this hundreds of years ago) and the timeline I took photos of and included in the pare on the wall opposite the entrance. Unfortunately we were unable to go upstairs.

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