Rosetta Restaurant, Melbourne


After we left Nobu we decided to walk around and see what new restaurants have opened recently. There has been a big advertising campaign for The West End so we wanted to see what that was all about. To begin with we headed to the eastern end to find a particular restaurant. We spotted the menu for Rosetta, Neil Perry’s relatively new restaurant and decided to have a look at it. It opened sometime last year and after reading a review then, I decided I wanted to go there at some point. The review stated that it is “a throwback to European glamour, the grand tour and old New York”. On the walls are portraits of famous Italians like Sophia Loren. The menu looked really nice and quite traditionally Italian. We weren’t going to eat dessert but we decided to go in there and try some of the delicious desserts.

Normally I walk into a restaurant and think it looks nice or not. I walked into Rosetta and thought “Wow”. It’s such an elegant room. You enter at one end so get to appreciate the light-filled room with high ceilings and plush velvet couches. We were greeted at reception by an impeccably-mannered Italian man and taken to our table. The maitre’d was a lovely woman who answered our questions about what the desserts were. I had chosen two that I thought would be good but changed my mind after she told us about the others.

My dessert (photo above) was the Zuppa Inglese. It’s a trifle with chocolate, mascarpone mousse and Italian Meringue. It was beautiful, so light and creamy with different textures.

My friend ordered the Bavarese di mele. It was Bavarois with orange sable and caramelised Granny Smith apples.

We were talking to the maitre’d about it being my friend’s birthday month so after we finished our desserts she came back with a cupcake with a single candle on it. We cut it in half and shared it. I could eat the cream on top any day. Talk about delicious!!!


The last two photos show the decor of the restaurant.


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