Miss Marple’s Tea Rooms, Sassafras


Being a scone lover, I’d long wanted to go to Miss Marple’s Tea Rooms in Sassafras on Mt Dandenong. A friend and I decided to make a special trip up there. After waiting at least half an hour which, judging by comments we heard from the staff and other customers, appears to be the normal waiting time, we were shown to our small table. The decor is quaint, old English and very cosy. It was a lovely day outside so it was nice to sit and watch the passers-by.

I was surprised by how any savoury options were on the menu. It was a lot more extensive than I expected. We chose the Devonshire Tea (scones, jam and cream) because that was the reason we went there and one of the things Mt Dandenong is famous for. I’m very traditional when it comes to my scones. I like them round so was really disappointed when the plate arrived with square scones on it. They didn’t really taste like proper scones either. They were more like cake than scones. My friend and I discussed it and decided they must make them this way due to the volume required. The jam and cream were really nice though.


The tea rooms are in a quaint faux-Tudor building.




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