Walking tour: St Paul’s Cathedral


Our http://www.Meltours.com.au East walking tour began at the Melbourne Visitor’s Centre at Federation Square. We were to meet our guide outside the Visitor’s Centre. As soon as he walked towards us I recognised him as an actor I’ve seen a lot of on tv. I remembered his name was Jeremy but couldn’t remember his surname. I quickly googled him and came up with his surname. A few minutes later he introduced himself as Jeremy Kewley and mentioned he was an actor and gave his surname.

Jeremy turned out to be fantastic tour guide. His knowledge and love of Melbourne and it’s history is amazing. He started off by giving us a shortish history of Melbourne. A lot of it I knew but he filled in some gaps and ’embellished’ some of the stories. He would be a great person to sit and listen to. He would go off on different tangents and told us so many stories. I have to say he really made the tour a lot of fun and extremely interesting.


We started off looking at St Paul’s Cathedral. Now, because the cathedral is on the corner of one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections (opposite Flinders St Station and Fed Sq) I’ve walked past hundreds of times but never REALLY looked at the detail in the building. The foundation stone was laid in 1880. The spires weren’t built at that time. Construction of those began in 1926. When you stop to look at them closely, you can see the stone is different and I could see the line where they start. I’d also never really noticed the square tiles either.

Jeremy told us the story of how the building was designed by an English architect who never bothered to come to Australia to oversee the project. As a result, some changes were made to the design which annoyed the architect so much he quit the project.


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