Walking tour: Forum Theatre & Duke of Wellington Hotel


Looking at the Forum Theatre, it’s hard to believe it was originally built as a home. After that it became what it is known for, a theatre. It had one screen with two levels. The rich people watched from the stalls upstairs and the rest from downstairs. It was eventually converted into two movie screens, one on each level.

The exterior is built in the Moorish style. It was such a grand building, it was noticeable from Flinders St Station. There is a 49 metre clocktower on the corner of Flinders and Russell Sts.

Nowadays the building is looking grand but tired. It’s beauty is fading and is desperately in need of a facelift. Paint is peeling and the roof over the footpath is damaged amongst other things.


You can see some of the peeling paint on the right hand side of this photo.

On the opposite corner of Flinders and Russell Sts is the Duke of Wellington Hotel. Built in the early 1850’s (before the gold rush) and recently reopened after years of renovation, it has the feeling of an old-fashioned pub inside with modern finishes, large-screen tvs and bars. Most of the building has been modernised but there are a couple of original brick walls, one with three arches in it.

We walked in one door and out the other – and didn’t stop for a drink. That would have been nice because we were so cold.


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