Walking tour: More of Collins St


Have a look closely at the building above. Can you see what makes it remarkable? Comment if you can.

We were heading further east of the city during the walking tour. The lower the building number, the more prestigious the address. The lower numbers make up the ‘Paris end’ of Collins St. This is where you go to find the expensive, international retailers such as Prada and Luis Vuitton. Before it became the Paris end it was where the medical practices were. It was a big deal if you were going to a Collins St specialist. And expensive.

We stopped to look at this building which is opposite the T & G building. It’s a beautiful building that was originally built as a medical practice. Jeremy pointed out what makes this building different. When you know what it is you realise how obvious it is.

The building is now dwarfed by the Hyatt Hotel.



2 thoughts on “Walking tour: More of Collins St

    • It’s a beautiful building.

      The feature I’m looking at is in the architectural details. Yours was a good guess though and one thing I hadn’t noticed.

      Thank you for commenting.

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