When Liverpool came to town


Last night I was one of 95.446 people lucky enough to have been able to be at the Liverpool v Melbourne Victory friendly game at the MCG, normally the home of cricket and Aussie Rules Football. I say lucky because I almost missed out on getting tickets and was almost in tears at work trying to refresh the order screen, hoping more tickets would magically appear on the screen. I was so happy and excited when they did. The match sold out in around 30 minutes.

Fast forward to last night. I bought a ticket for my Mum as a birthday present. We were also lucky to get good seats on level 2A behind the goals so we had a great view up the pitch to the goals at the other end. There were many goosebump moments, especially when almost everyone stood up to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone.

It was a dream come true to watch my EPL team, Liverpool play against my Aussie team, Melbourne Victory. It was hard to decide who to go for. I was cheering both teams but was really proud of the way Victory stood up to Liverpool. It’s still around 10 weeks until the start of the A-League but Victory were still very well-prepared. That’s despite some of our best players playing for Australia, including my favourite player, Archie Thompson.





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