The Lobby Lounge, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne


A few weeks ago I had to go to the city for a meeting so my friend and I decided to have dinner before the meeting started. I wanted to go to Collins Kitchen in the Grand Hyatt but they don’t open until 6pm and our meeting was to begin at 6.30pm. The lady suggested the Lobby Lounge because that’s open from breakfast to late.

The menu is very good for a lobby lounge. Very extensive. We both found it difficult to decide until my friend came across the section where you make your own meal. I chose to have an entree size piece of salmon with garlic aioli and Asian greens. My friend got the same thing but with King prawns instead however hers arrived with a dark sauce, possibly teriyaki. We both loved our meals. They were really light and tasty. When it came to choosing wine I couldn’t go past the Chandon sparkling wine (can’t remember which variety).


After our meeting we decided to go back to the lounge for dessert because we had things to discuss. We decided to try the share plate that gave us three of the items on the dessert menu. However we were told the chef had advised we could have 4 choices so with some help from the waitress we decided on the four below. My favourite was the Baileys cake (second from right) and a close runner-up was the Sorbet (far left).


Lobby Lounge on Urbanspoon

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