Ladye Chapel at St. Francis’ Church


You may have noticed that I love many styles of architecture, from centuries-old to modern. When I was a little kid all I wanted was to be an architect. I kept that dream until nearly the end of high school when I found I didn’t really enjoy the subjects I needed to be able to get into architecture at Uni. However I still love architecture and getting out and seeing buildings.

This church is in the middle of Melbourne on the corner of Lonsdale and Elizabeth Sts. The foundation stone was laid in 1841 when Melbourne was only about six years old. It was Victoria’s first Catholic Church and first cathedral until the nave at St. Patrick’s Cathedral was consecrated. St. Mary Mackillop (Australia’s first Saint) was baptised and made her Holy Communion in this church.

These photos were taken in the Ladye Chapel which faces onto Elizabeth St. When we visited the church on our walking tour the guide told us to walk around to the side chapel but wouldn’t tell us much more. I was blown away when I saw the stunning stained-glass windows and the grandeur of the wall and ceiling decoration.




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