Archive | August 17, 2013

Hotel Intercontinental (Menzies at Rialto)



This beautiful building is the only one in Melbourne to stretch from one street to the next, from Collins St to Flinders Lane. It is actually two buildings joined together with a glass atrium. It also shows how steep the land is in that area. The Flinders Lane side of the building is two storeys lower than the Collins St side.

The Wool Exchange was located in one of the buildings and another wool-based business in the other one. Nowadays they are a hotel and there is a great museum depicting the history of the buildings. When the Grollo family wanted to build the Rialto Towers next door, they were told they had to faithfully renovate the hotel. They have made the buildings into a beautiful hotel.

The Flinders Lane entrance. You can see the glass atrium on the right side of the photo.