Marysville Lolly Shop


After most of Marysville was destroyed by the Black Saturday bushfires many businesses began the long process of rebuilding. The Marysville Lolly Shop began trading as soon as possible, which was many months later, from a portable shipping container. It was very cosy when there were other customers but the owner, Julia, made sure there was still a great range of chocolates, lollies and jams/sauces.

I make sure I visit every time I go to Marysville. This is the first time I’ve been to the new shop. It’s a very spacious shop with a huge range of lollies on one side and gourmet items on the other side. There’s also a good range of souvenirs. I have been looking for home-made Boysenberry jam for a while now and had asked friends to keep an eye out for me if they were at Farmer’s Markets. When I was at the Lolly Shop last week I spotted some on the shelf. I had some for breakfast the next morning and it is delicious. I was so glad I was able to buy it from there.

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