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Regeneration of Marysville



The starkness of the photo above was seen all around Marysville and dozens of towns in country Victoria. Some parts of the town have recovered much quicker but this area was more affected by the fires. It is taking a lot longer to recover. The undergrowth now blocks a lot of what I could see in previous years.

A burned out log beside the road.

Steavensons Falls, Marysville


This area was devastated by the 2009 Black Saturday fires. For months afterwards it was closed off because all man-made features were destroyed, including the road up to the Falls. It is slowly coming back to life and there are new facilities and walking paths. This is always my favourite part of a visit to Marysville. We were really lucky that there was so much water from the melting snow from the nearby snow fields.





Marysville Lolly Shop


After most of Marysville was destroyed by the Black Saturday bushfires many businesses began the long process of rebuilding. The Marysville Lolly Shop began trading as soon as possible, which was many months later, from a portable shipping container. It was very cosy when there were other customers but the owner, Julia, made sure there was still a great range of chocolates, lollies and jams/sauces.

I make sure I visit every time I go to Marysville. This is the first time I’ve been to the new shop. It’s a very spacious shop with a huge range of lollies on one side and gourmet items on the other side. There’s also a good range of souvenirs. I have been looking for home-made Boysenberry jam for a while now and had asked friends to keep an eye out for me if they were at Farmer’s Markets. When I was at the Lolly Shop last week I spotted some on the shelf. I had some for breakfast the next morning and it is delicious. I was so glad I was able to buy it from there.

Marysville Patisserie


Last week was the first chance I’ve had to go to the Marysville Patisserie since it reopened just under two years ago, after their original premises were burned down in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. The patisserie is a well-known business outside of Marysville, with many people going up there to try the handmade fudges and other delicious treats on the menu. I hadn’t had a chance to visit Marysville before the fires so didn’t see the old business but I was really impressed with the menu and quality of the food. Mum and I had the BLT and Dad had a Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pie. The BLTs were the biggest I’ve ever attempted to eat. I say attempted because I wasn’t able to finish it. It was served with beautiful, seasoned chips made from Yellow Kipfler potatoes. With our cups of tea, small round shortbreads were served. These were so nice I bought a bag of them.


Their website is

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One photo, two ways (part 2)


Here are two more photos I took at Steavenson’s Falls at Marysville. I have to say I was really inspired by this challenge. When I read about it I went through my photos but couldn’t find any I could use. I went out and looked for opportunities and found so many.


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Hotel Intercontinental (Menzies at Rialto)



This beautiful building is the only one in Melbourne to stretch from one street to the next, from Collins St to Flinders Lane. It is actually two buildings joined together with a glass atrium. It also shows how steep the land is in that area. The Flinders Lane side of the building is two storeys lower than the Collins St side.

The Wool Exchange was located in one of the buildings and another wool-based business in the other one. Nowadays they are a hotel and there is a great museum depicting the history of the buildings. When the Grollo family wanted to build the Rialto Towers next door, they were told they had to faithfully renovate the hotel. They have made the buildings into a beautiful hotel.

The Flinders Lane entrance. You can see the glass atrium on the right side of the photo.



Brunetti is an institution in the café scene in Melbourne. Started in 1985 in Carlton, over the last few years they have undertaken a huge expansion. They have moved to a much bigger premises in Carlton, have opened in Myer Melbourne and even a shopping centre in Dubai. We went to the open-air café in the City Square, just outside the Westin Hotel.

It was nice to be able to sit under the outdoor heaters on the chilly Melbourne day after our walking tour. I had a hot chocolate and some of their famous Tiramisu. Mum had some Apple Strudel. Unfortunately it wasn’t heated or served with a dollop of cream.

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