The Pavillion Cafe…Fitzroy Gardens


This is a family-friendly café in the middle of the Fitzroy Gardens. We weren’t sure if it was going to be expensive but were pleasantly surprised with their menu and prices. The waitress greeted us from behind the counter (approx. 5 metres away) as we walked in the door. That was the first surprise. I don’t think I’ve even been given such a friendly greeting. It was a really windy, warm day so we chatted about the weather. It was a hot topic because we were just starting to come out of winter and this was one of the first warms days we’d had.

We all ordered focaccias. Dad ordered a flat white. When it was served it had the cute pattern on top. I had a salmon focaccia which was really nice. Not too many capers.


Pavilion Fitzroy Gardens on Urbanspoon


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